Heavy rain forecast for next two days in Gujarat

By | August 23, 2018

Heavy rain forecast for next two days in Gujarat

The state has again got rain in the state. Rainfall is continuing in 187 talukas of the state. At some places in Gujarat, the weather department predicted heavy rains for the next two days. In south-central Gujarat, there is a possibility of heavy rains.

According to the data received, Godhra has received maximum rainfall of 5 in the last 24 hours. Rainfall has occurred in several talukas in the state. Moravahdf 4.5 in, Balasinor 4 in, 4 in Kapadvan, 4 in Halol, 4 in urban areas, 4 in Katharampur, 4 in in Dharampur, 4 in waghi, 3.75 in Kathlal, 3.5 inch in Jambughod, 3 in Jitpur Pav, 3 in Fatepur, Garbada 3, Tajasa 3 in Umarpada, 2.75 in Kalyan, 2.5 in Kala, 2.5 in Meghraj, 2.5 in Meghraj, 2.5 in in Sanghali, 2.5 in Mahu, 2.5 in Savli, 2.5 in Kalol, 2.5 in Virpur, 2.5 in Mandvi, 2.5 in Chhotaudpur, 2.5 in Mangrar, Uramam 2, Vyara 2, dhanasuramam 2, Limkheda gets 2, singavadamam 2, Lunavada 2, Umreth 2, Bodeli 2 inches of rain. There is a happy atmosphere among the locals after the rain has re-entered.

On this, Panchamahal, after the downpour, Panam dam has been flooded with 80%. The water level in Panam dam has increased due to heavy rains in the last 24 hours. The danger level of the dam is 127.41 meters. When the current surface of the dam has reached 126 meters. Areas of water logged areas have been alerted.

Meghmehr is in the district of Tapi district. Rain is raining in many areas of the district. Many dams in the district have increased water revenues. The water level in Ukai dam has increased due to rain. The dam surface reached at 306.80 feet. It is important that the danger level of the dam is 345 feet.

A universal cloud cover has been found in Aravalli district. In Modasa, 2 inches, 2 inches in Bhiloda, 2.5 in Meghraj, 2.5 in Malpura, 1.5 in Bid, 2 inches rain in Dhansura. The cold weather conditions also spread in the district. Farm crops have received livelihood due to rain.

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