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6 ways that you can that screenshots in your smartphones

6 ways that you can that screenshots in your smartphones In today’s world, without any smartphones, no one can be seen, with the increasing use of smartphones, new phones are being launched everyday in the market, however, this problem is initially difficult to understand the special function in the new smartphone. Then we tell you about six ways… Read More »

Start your Friends / Girlfriend’s whatsApp in your phone

Start your girlfriend’s whatsApp in your phone Many of you may think that what his girlfriend does in his phone, no matter what I do. Or if you want to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend So this news is for you. In this news, I will tell you how your boyfriend or girlfriend can play Whatsapp in… Read More »

Tips to Set Your Selfie With Girls

Selfie With Girls is a free android application. Make impressive looking Selfie With Girls by adjusting your images in App. Once you select the Selfie With Girls and edit your picture on it at that moment if you would like to change the Selfie With Girls frame then the option is available.Select Photo from the camera or your… Read More »

Who speaks on Facebook, whatsapps partner? Find such address

फेसबुक, व्हाट्सऐप पर किससे बातें करता है पार्टनर? ऐसे लगाएं पता An app that lets you know about who is calling from any phone with any phone. Who has been messed up. With the application of Mspy, you can extract the history of any phone in Whatsapp, Facebook, Internet, Twitter, Instagram. First download the Mspy app. Create an… Read More »

How to know if you are blocked on whatsapp or not

Popular Messaging App One feature from many features in WhatsApp is that you can easily block them from whom you want to talk to. If you think that you have blocked a user too, you can easily find this … For the user you are looking for, if you mask the message, then only one check mark will… Read More »

Your partner is not cheating anywhere in love? Learn the truth from this mobile app

Use your Microsoft Windows PC as remote dialer for managing incoming and outgoing calls and for writing and receiving SMS messages. Look for missed incoming calls in your call log, read your SMS and use your phone contacts for dialing and creating SMS messages. All from your Windows desktop via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth…. Ideal in conjunction with a… Read More »

Call your friend 500 misses at once

If you are told to call 500 misses to someone, then you may have to do this work, you have to waste hours due to which it will start to take some boring. But today we are going to tell you some such trick. Using which you can easily fool your friends by calling 500 misses. So your… Read More »

How Many Girlfriends Check Your WhatsApp Profile, Learn How

Learn how many times your girlfriend checks out your WhatsApp profile Detecting Whatsapp Profile Visitors: Step 1: For this, first of all you download Who visited my WhtsApp profile app in your phone. Although this is not a certified application but quite a lot of people have got the right results using it. Step 2: When you install… Read More »

TRICK: You can listen closely to this app, talk about others, install the install

TRICK: You can listen closely to this app, talk about others, install the install Gadget desk: Today we show you an app on Google Play Store, with which you can hear all the other Smartphone user stories. This is a secret app, the special thing is that even if you listen to it, you will not even know… Read More »

How to Find other people’s live location in this way

It is not easy to know the location of any person and it is very difficult to know the live location.But and you are going to tell you about an application that will help you easily find the live location of anybody’s phone. Even if your phone is lost, you can easily see your phone’s location.Let’s know how… Read More »